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Reflections on the Singapore Mammal Project (Bat Wayang Kulit)
Fairfield Methodist Primary
Andrew Ng, P4, 2007, 21st Aug 2008

At the Singapore mammal project, I have learnt about mammals in Singapore like the fruit bat, the pangolin and the slow loris. During one of the sessions, we met an author, Adeline Foo who writes picture books about mammals. In another session, we met an animal specialist.

I think that the Singapore Mammal Project is very fun and exciting. We leant more about bats and visited places where bats lived. We also performed a wayang kulit (a puppet show) to tell the public how important bats are. Through these experiences, I have learnt to appreciate mammals (especially bats) and I also gained more interest in them.
Wow! That is one HUGE family of bats!
Practising hard for our wayang kulit performance
Look out for the bats..here they come!
Author, Adeline Foo sharing some story writing techniques
Fairfield Methodist Primary
Zachary Howe, P4, 2007, 21st Aug 2008

What we did at the Singapore Mammal Project!

We had many fun activities like:
Making face masks of mammals
Going to old houses and to Kent Ridge park to see bats
Performing a shadow puppet show about bats

We even got a free badge with the picture of an endangered mammal!

Why do I like it?

I like it because I think it was very interesting and we got to know more about mammals too!

Thank you Auntie Vilma!
Everyone enjoys a good story especially when itís about Stellaluna, the bat
Listening intently before the wayang kulit show

Stars of wayang kulit?
All stars! The cast for the wayang kulit performance
Wayang kulit performance