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Frog Project
Advocating for Frogs

To celebrate the International Year of the Frog in 2008, a group of 5 students from Raffles Institution collaborated with Cicada Tree Eco-Place to advocate for frogs. They value-added to our M.A.D. for Frogs lesson by performing a puppet show for the kids.

With the help of hand-made paper puppets, the boys told a fairy tale of an irresponsible prince who kept throwing rubbish into a pond, until a witch turned him into a frog, and having to live in that same pond, he realized how dirty it was, and begged the witch for forgiveness. The witch finally relented and the ‘frog-prince’ turned back to his normal prince-ly self. But this time, he practiced eco-actions and sustainable living, creating a pond of clean rain and stream water with lots of freshwater plants. The pond became a happy home for frogs, fish, dragon and damselflies, and other insects, and many animals came to drink from its water.

The kids loved the puppet show and were curious about the stage props.

Thanks, guys, for a super job done! We’re one step closer to the conservation of clean water habitats and our native frog species.

Photo Credits: Vilma D'Rozario