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Turtle Project
M.A.D. for Turtles!
9 August 2008

Students from Raffles Institution together with Cicada Tree Eco-Place celebrated IYOR on 9 August 2008 at the Botany Centre of the Singapore Botanic Gardens by hosting a series of games for young children. This was the students’ service-learning and research education project.

There were computer games where kids zapped plastic bags on-line as fast as they could or risked getting turtles zapped instead if they swallowed the plastic bags that were floating all over the blue computer screen.

Kids also tried out board games in snake and ladder style, only thing it was turtles and threats vs turtles and eco-actions.

A kids splash pool was also set up in the courtyard outside the Botany Library. Floating in the water were bits of rubbish like plastic bags and Styrofoam cups and kids were encouraged to fish all the rubbish out… the more rubbish the kids fished out (better for turtles), the more rubbish the students threw in!! The message: pollution will not stop until we stop throwing rubbish indiscriminately all over the place. Rubbish in our public places ends up in the sea, and may end up choking and suffocating a turtle.

Kids also got a chance to make a pledge for turtles before they went home.

Thanks, guys, for a wonderful job of advocating for turtles!
Students and their teacher, Ms Ong Wai Lin
Photo Credits: Vilma D'Rozario