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Behold Cicada Tree Eco-Place. Not please, the cicada, an insect of the order Homoptera, suborder Auchenorrhyncha, in the superfamily Cicadoidea, and so on and so on, of which much is found on the web, much to the frustration of anyone wanting information on just the tree. Not either, as the web cites, an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, a play performed in Seattle, a rock band if you please, or a magazine for teenagers. But very much the new Cicada Tree Eco-Place, where love and the preservation of nature and the environment live and play out in ways that are practical and realistic to everyday living.

Some conservation societies may unconsciously separate groups of nature lovers from non-nature lovers. This may convey the impression nature is only for those in such groups, or not for non nature lovers. Cicada Treeís objectives to promote eco-living, and embrace our natural & cultural heritage might be interpreted as simply making sure we have a life worth living to pass on. It is for everyone because its concerns are those of anyone who wants to continue to breathe, enjoy fresh air, eat fresh food in as pure a form as possible, have children who know that caterpillars are insects not machinery, can identify trees from bushes, know to respect animals not just as pets. Nature is what we are living in, the environment what sustains us. Its cultural slant is also unique, culture like nature is a legacy.

Thus Talking Tiger - an ordinary urbanite much enthralled by malls, an ardent preference for a concrete jungle rather than the green stuff, weekends a Mars Bar in one hand and a book in the other, on the couch, not by any chance in a mangrove swamp; no hiking in the hot sun for this tiger, tracking down the genus orchidus or flora petuniaris, no watching for birds whether the cockeyed cuckoo or yellowshirted rivertail (duh). But CT is for me. I live in this world. What it is and like is also my responsibility, not just left to the nature lovers. I too can play a part. Thus this column will take up issues as we find them, comment on some event, share some discovery, all related or springing from eco-living. This is education and it is a small prong of support in CTís strong educational thrust to create awareness of our surroundings and what we can do to ensure it remains a beautiful legacy. An example: CT is all set to bring life to eco-living through its roving exhibition ECO-LIVING NOW which will also feature Eco at School, Eco at Work and Eco Out and About.

Through education, love of and preservation of nature and the environment might one day be a habit, part of our lives, the normal way to live. Letís riang riang!!!
Article by Talking Tiger
Drawing Credits: Amy Sobrielo