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Eco-Living Now! Roving Exhibition
A Roving Exhibition for Schools
Students of Mayflower Secondary School with their teacher, Mrs Frances Ess at NEA Environmental Education Advisors meeting at Nanyang Girls' High School. They are posing in front of our roving exhibition which they helped us promote.

Cicada Tree Eco-Place is proud to bring you Eco-Living Now! This new program promotes eco-living for a greener and more sustainable future. Eco-Living Now! is an attractive and comprehensive poster exhibition which seeks to impart important information on eco-living, carbon footprint and how to make a difference! Suitable for students, this exhibition contains simple and practical green tips for daily eco-living, written in easy-to-read text with attractive native wildlife pictures.

The exhibition includes 5 sections:
  1. Introduction to Eco-living (see posters here)
  2. Eco at Home (see posters here)
  3. Eco at School (see posters here)
  4. Eco at Work & Play (see posters here)
  5. Eco with a Passion for Birds (see posters here)

Charges: $200 for the whole exhibition or a choice of parts of it, for 1 week at your school, including delivery to your school.

Eco-Skit (Optional)

We can train 2 teachers and/or a small group of 15 students to perform an eco-skit based on information from the exhibition. This eco-skit aims to make learning about eco-living fun and meaningful. The skit may be performed by students at as assembly or in the classroom in conjunction with the exhibition. Training is 2 hours. A script will be provided.

Charges: Add $100

For registration/enquiries, please email .