environmental education programmes
Under the kapok Tree
Upper Seletar Reservoir Park
Saturday, 6 December 2008, 9.15 - 10.15am

This invigorating lesson involved animal yoga and story-telling and was carried out right under a large kapok tree (Indian Cotton Tree) at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. While Auntie Teresa told the story of “The Great Kapok Tree” written by Lynne Cherry, Uncle Bala taught yoga movements which represented animals and plants of the rainforest! The message: All animals are unique and beautiful and important, and have a right to live free and happy in the forest! Trees are homes for animals and other plants, too, especially large trees like this precious old kapok tree. Auntie Teresa talked about the uses of ‘kapok’ or cotton (Kapok is the Malay name for cotton)... in the days of our grandparents, before the creation of synthetic fibre, kapok was used to make our pillows and mattresses spongy and comfortable to sleep on. Kapok is a natural cotton fibre. The yoga was such fun that even parents joined in the fun!
Reach up to the sun ...
Grow tall and strong as a tree
Trees provide shade and homes
Be a snake
Be a butterfly!
Auntie Teresa reads the story of the Kapok Tree
Celebrate nature!
It took nineteen people to circumvent the huge and lovely Kapok Tree

Photo Credits: Vilma D'Rozario