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Let's Go! Young Eco-Explorers!
An Outdoor Learning Programme for Kindergarten Children by Cicada Tree Eco-Place
  1. To bring kids outdoors to enjoy our natural heritage
  2. To nurture a sense of curiosity about our natural world
  3. To nurture wonder and appreciation for our natural world
  4. To provide kids the opportunity to develop perseverance and self-confidence
  5. To provide kids the opportunity of making friends in a natural setting

Let's Go! Young Eco-Explorers! is a series of nature lessons comprising an outdoor lesson and an indoor lesson (in preparation for the outdoor lesson). Joining a Young Eco-Explorers learning programme will provide your kids with a headstart in learning how to experience the outdoors, in developing observational skills, and in getting to know our forests, mangroves and freshwater wetlands at an early age. Our programme is also designed to encourage kids to learn how to work in a team as well as independently.

Choose from any of the following outdoor locations:
  1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  2. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
  3. MacRitchie Reservoir & Trails
  4. Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

We are able to offer this programme at a reduced rate due to a grant from a well-wisher.
Cost of each lesson is $200 for a maximum of 20 kids. Original cost of each lesson was $300.
Indoor Lesson 1: 1.5 hours

Indoor lesson. Photo by Vilma D'Rozario.

In the indoor lesson, children will learn about our natural heritage through a fun and informative lesson which will comprise story-telling, group games and puzzles, group sharing, starting a nature journal, and art and craft.

At the end of the lesson, children will be able to state: name of habitat we will be visiting in Lesson 2; two characteristics of the habitat; 2 animals found there; 2 plants/trees found there; 2 birds found there; 2 insects/non-vertebrates found there.
Outdoor Lesson 2: 1.5 hours

Photo by Ria Tan www.wildsingapore.com

The outdoor lesson will comprise:
  1. Nature Guided Walk (40 minutes) with Group Fun Habitat Checklist
  2. Young Eco-Explorers Show & Tell (Group Sharing Session)
  3. Summary of Learning Points
Enquiries and registration:
Email Celine Low at