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Trees of Bukit Timah Campus
A Tribute to Old Friends

"This book seeks to record the memories of Bukit Timah Campus, as remembered through its trees, and to preserve its natural heritage for future generations."

Shawn Lum, Hugh TW Tan, Wee Yeow Chin

Vilma D'Rozario, Lye Lin Heng


National University of Singapore and Nature Society (Singapore)

Available at:
Nature Society (Singapore)
Nature's Niche

The Bukit Timah Campus has a long and rich history, dating back to the opening of Raffles College in 1929. It has been occupied by a succession of tertiary institutions. The thousands of students and staff that have passed through Bukit Timah Campus will remember the oasis afforded by its rich greenery, offering a welcome respite from the tropical sun and a charming canopy for romance and inspiration.

This book records the memories of the Bukit Timah Campus, as remembered through its trees. It contains the ‘tree’ memories of some of its staff and students, a write-up on 41 tree species, and tree maps that one could use as a self-guide around the campus. As NUS now seeks to transform the Bukit Timah Campus into a “Campus in a Tropical Rain Forest”, this book is an excellent springboard to the realisation of that vision.

The book is being sold at $30 in aid of education\outreach and conservation projects of the Nature Society (Singapore). To purchase a copy, contact Joseph Lim of Nature Society (Singapore) at or call 6-741-2036 to get your copy now!
Trees of Bukit Timah Campus