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Cross-Island Line: Align interests of present, future generations – ST, 7 Sep 2019

Christopher Tan

The following are excerpts from a Straits Times analysis of the 954-page Cross-Island Line assessment report by Senior Transport Correspondent Christopher Tan. In it, he mooted the possibility of a third alignment further south, which would serve the future Bukit Brown estate.

Tan wrote: “Having one more line serving an area as sizeable as Bukit Brown is well within reason. Many areas in Singapore are served by two or more lines. For instance, Marina Bay has four lines and about half a dozen stations.”

In transport, efficiency here means more than having the shortest possible route between two points. It also means making a transport system accessible to as many people as possible so that its long-term benefits will outweigh its initial cost.

Going to the extreme to achieve either objective would not be viable. You end up with either a straight line, which invariably misses crucial passenger catchments, or a squiggle of a line which makes construction unwieldy and journeys inordinately long.


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Through nature reserve or around? Residents, nature groups stick to guns on Cross Island Line paths – TODAY, 3 Sep 2019

“We are totally not for the Cross Island Line to go through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve… It is a remnant fragment of an ancient rainforest with its incredible biodiversity. That’s something so priceless and invaluable that you can’t put a price on.”


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The country’s first large-scale aerial park will be in Bukit Timah – Zaobao, 1 Sep 2019

然环境教育组织“知了树自然生态(Cicada Tree Eco-Place)主席赵琴音认为,空中公园将能吸引更多人接近大自然,也有助提升公众保育环境的意识。


Translation – “Environmental education NGO, Cicada Tree Eco-Place’s president and co-founder, Zhao Qin Yin (Teresa Teo Guttensohn) opined that the sky park would encourage more members of the public to interact with nature and raise their awareness of conservation.

She said: “The sky park is adjacent to the Rail Corridor, which is an important long term habitat for our endangered wildlife. The elevated linear park will also bring greater convenience to visitors and attract them to explore the surrounding nature trails.”

Zaobao , 1 Sep 2019

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Nature, heritage groups back green corridor plan – ST, 1 September 2019

Nature Society president says planned elevated linear park could rival New York’s High Line

Tiffany Fumiko Tay

The idea for the Bukit Timah Canal to serve as a green corridor has been around for some years, and work to spruce up the adjacent Rail Corridor may finally turn it into reality, said Dr Shawn Lum, president of the Nature Society (Singapore), yesterday.

Dr Lum, who backed the idea in a 2016 interview with The Straits Times, noted that the canal intersects with a number of large green patches, “so linking them up and adding appropriate landscaping would be really interesting”.

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