Local food plants

Coronavirus Survivor Mini-farm:

Attention everyone!

Picking up the skill to grow your own edible food plants is now more crucial than ever!

Your food garden can be on your balcony, common corridor, or front yard.

As long as you have a sunny site, you can grow vegetables, herbs, mini fruit plants and wild greens, in a variety of containers, or in the ground.

We can customise-design and set up a plot of any size and scale to suit your time and abilities.

Attention all teachers!

We can create plant study plots in your schools, of any theme, size and cost.

These in-school garden plots will be living resources for you and your students at your doorstep.

Here are several themes to get your students curious about our amazing plant kingdom:

Plant Study plot:

A curated collection of flowering and non-flowering plants to study a diversity of growth forms, leaf shapes and patterns, colours and textures. Key topics: diversity, adaptation, reproduction modes.

Strange Plants! plot:

This plot will feature plants with strange forms and incredible abilities that help them survive in their habitats. The pitcher plant is a carnivore, while the ant plant has a symbiotic relationship with ants. Others such as the air plants simply grow dangling in the air using their specialised leaves to absorb water and nutrients. Parasitic plants grow roots into their host plant victims to steal nutrients.

Evolution plot:

A curated collection of floral living fossils to showcase how plant life have evolved over millennia. Worm-like liverworts, fuzzy mosses, feathery ferns and spiky cycads have been around even before the age of the dinosaurs. And they are still here today…unchanged!

Mangrove Plants plot:

A selection of plants from our native mangrove forest ecosystem to showcase their unusual adaptations to their unique habitat.

Wall Garden plot:

This plot will showcase the cliff-hangers and rock climbers of the plant world. Their special adaptations and growth habits can be easily studied without the skill and need to climb a rock wall.

Wildflower Meadow plot:

Don’t be square, have a shaggy wildflower meadow! Is a well-manicured garden not your cup of tea?

Do you like plants to grow as they please? Does a tapestry of mixed-up flowers delight you? Then this is the perfect garden for you.

Useful Plants plot:

Food wrappers, baskets, mats, brooms, bags, tools.…these are just a few of the numerous items made of plant materials that we use in our daily life. This plot will showcase plants and their amazing variety of uses.

And also:

Fungi plot:

Watching fungi form and grow is fun! This plot will feature dead logs and leaf litter to create a suitable habitat for fungi, and also a community of leaf litter critters.

Other garden themes:

Biodiversity, butterfly & moth, herb and vegetable, fragrant plants, roof garden, pond garden.

Any other special interest themed plots can be customised, designed, created and curated.

Contact us for suggestions and a cost quotation.

Email: contactctep@gmail.com

Check out some of the species of plants we have grown: