12 Dec 2018 · · Biophilia and Nature Education Symposium 2019 organised by Cicada Tree Eco-Place Biophilia describes our innate love for nature and all living species. As Singapore becomes more urbanised and people spend less time outdoors, we risk losing our connection with nature.

Yet, this connection is so crucial to our survival and development. Join us for this first symposium of its kind in Singapore that brings together our experts in education and conservation to discuss the importance of nature for our well being and for our children’s education.

Living in an increasingly urbanised Singapore, are we losing touch with nature? Is this connect inherently essential for our existence and the development of our future generations?

Sign up here for this one of a kind symposium that brings together experts in education and conservation to discuss these key points and find a common solution.

Cost: $30 per participant (includes choice of one nature activity. Choose from Outreach Booths, Nature walk, Forest Bathing and Nature Movement). Please note that nature activities are subject to weather conditions.

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